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APG to Finalize Installation of Modular Flare Capture & Recovery System

American Power Group announced that its Trident NGL Services Division is on schedule for an October installation of its latest Modular Flare to Fuel Capture and Recovery System. This milestone will mark the third Trident Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) system to be deployed on remote well sites for two of the top oil and gas companies in the Bakken Region of North Dakota.

Last week the North Dakota Industrial Commission rejected a requested two year delay in meeting tougher 2016 flare requirements and established the following revised requirements for the capture of well site associated gases:

  • 80 percent of associated gases captured by April 1, 2016
  • 85 percent of associated gases captured by November 1, 2016
  • 88 percent of associated gases captured by November 1, 2018
  • 91 percent of associated gases captured by January 1, 2020

The Commission also passed a gas capture credit system, crediting oil & gas companies who have exceeded their capture goals with up to ninety days of credit if they were to fall below future goals.

In August, APG announced a license agreement with Trident Resources for the exclusive worldwide right to commercialize Trident’s proprietary NGL processing technology. APG purchased certain Trident operating assets including two existing mobile NGL processing systems and recently announced a commitment for the financing of two additional systems in response to strong demand from oil and gas operators looking for an effective solution to capture their flare on existing remote and stranded well sites.

The Bakken region has an estimated 2,500 well sites classified as remote or stranded where APG intends to initially market and expand its Flare to Fuel capabilities.