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New Partnership to Reduce Emissions in Mobile Natural Gas Fueled Engines

September 16, 2015

Enerpulse Technologies has begun development of its C2 ignition system funded in part by a $749,868 grant awarded by the California Energy Commission (CEC) with Enerpulse named as prime-subcontractor. According to the CEC “ignition characteristics of natural gas fuel represent challenges to engine manufacturers working to satisfy tighter emission standards, achieve lower fuel consumption and higher engine performance.” The CEC’s stated goal is to “advance the functionality of natural gas ignition under high boost pressure and heavy EGR conditions to facilitate the development of engines with lower nitrogen oxides (NOx) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”

C2 will build upon Enerpulse’s patented plasma-assisted combustion technology, which is currently found in its commercially available Pulstar spark plugs. Enerpulse will integrate proprietary electronic controls creating a system that increases the size and duration of the plasma field during ignition and combustion. This strategy will enable reliable ignition timing and more efficient combustion of natural gas fuels, particularly under high boost and heavy EGR conditions.

Enerpulse is partnering with Power Solutions International to deliver a commercially viable natural gas fueled power plant that meets the CEC’s stated objectives. Enerpulse’s C2 ignition system will be incorporated into PSI’s turbocharged 8.8-litre CNG engine, which is currently under development. In addition to turbocharging, PSI’s new engine will employ substantial amounts of cooled EGR to reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption. Introducing substantial amounts of cooled EGR presents significant challenges to conventional ignition systems in natural gas fueled engines, which will be addressed by C2.