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New LNG Rack Price Program Started in Texas

 IPC, Inc. has announced the launch of its Monthly LNG Rack Pricing through its website at  The Monthly LNG Rack Pricing offering will be shared as if IPC offers Diesel Rack Pricing to its current diesel fuel buyers.  This will provide the ability for organizations to make informed decisions on LNG fuel purchases based on the most up-to-the-minute pricing.  Furthermore, the Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE) price will be listed alongside the gallon price for LNG.  IPC desires to develop a database where instant notifications are available to all customers and prospects when LNG prices change based on market conditions.

September 2015 LNG Rack Price (George West, Texas)

$0.667 per LNG gallon / $1.12 per DGE

IPC is providing LNG for the Texas market for both on-road and high horsepower applications.  IPC is focused on asphalt, oil and gas exploration, mining, agriculture and other off-road applications to reduce fuel costs and comply with environmental regulations.

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