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American Natural Gas Completes CNG Facility for Tops Friendly Markets

American Natural Gas (ANG) has announced the completion of a new CNG facility at the Tops Friendly Markets distribution center in Lancaster, New York. The new facility will fuel Tops’ new fleet of 55 CNG tractors provided by Ryder.

ANG was selected through an extensive RFP process to be Tops’ provider based on its expertise in designing customized, cold weather-reliable systems. These systems feature two points of temperature compensation and Cobey Energy compressors, which ANG is the exclusive distributor of.

Twin 400 horsepower compressors, with a combined output of approximately 2,400 SCFM (17 GGE/minute), will meet the high-flow needed for the narrow time windows Tops’ class 8 tractors have to fuel up. Tops is expected to use a minimum of 1.2 million DGEs of CNG per year.

This progressive move is another effort by Tops to reduce its overall carbon footprint. The use of CNG is expected to help Tops reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, run quieter engines, and conserve over 1.2 million gallons of diesel fuel each year. The switch to CNG is also expected to reduce Tops’ fuel costs by 50 percent.

“At Tops Friendly Markets, our priorities are to have a reliable fleet of well-maintained vehicles to ensure our stores receive deliveries on time,” said Ron Ferri, Senior Vice President of Distribution and Logistics at Tops. “With Ryder’s natural gas vehicles, and the ANG fueling station, we have the confidence that we can get the service and performance we need from our new natural gas fleet.”