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Questar Fueling Completes CNG Station for Central Freight Lines

Questar Fueling has opened a new CNG fueling facility in San Antonio, Texas. The station will serve up to 60 class-8 natural gas-powered trucks operated by Central Freight Lines. The station, which Questar Fueling owns and operates, is also open to other fleets and the general public.

Central Freight Lines is projected to use more than 1 million DGEs of natural gas per year. The majority of the trucks will use a private time-fill facility in which 60 trucks can fill while parked. The remainder will use a six-lane, high-speed-fueling station with public access for anyone driving an NGV.

“This is the third of four CNG-fueling facilities we will have across Texas,” said Don Orr, president and CEO of Central Freight Lines. “Questar Fueling is helping to make our transition to natural gas much easier. Our commercial-private partnership with the company has resulted in convenient and reliable CNG fueling for our fleet of 170 CNG trucks. Fueling with natural gas is also helping us operate more efficiently, reduce pollution and become less dependent on foreign-oil imports as we support our home-state economy.”