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GE Capital, Canada and Gaz Métro Team up to Promote Natural Gas

GE Capital, Canada and Gaz Métro Transport Solutions (GMTS), a subsidiary of Gaz Métro, have signed a strategic agreement that will facilitate the trucking industry’s adoption of natural gas as a fuel in Eastern Canada. GE Capital has been providing wholesale and retail financing to the country’s commercial trucking sector for 35 years. Since its creation in 2010, GMTS has become a leader in the alternative fuels space in Québec, both for the advisory role it provides to companies and for its development of natural gas refueling stations.

Under the agreement, fleet operators will work with GMTS for natural gas supply and purchase and with GE Capital to secure loans or leases for natural gas vehicles.

“This agreement reinforces GMTS’s turn-key approach by adding a financial partner to accompany the fleet operators in their transition to natural gas,” said Luc Génier, president of the board of directors of GMTS. “We are confident that combining our respective expertise will have a positive effect on the adoption of natural gas as a fuel for the trucking industry in Eastern Canada.”