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Honda Discontinues Civic Natural Gas Model

Honda announced it will discontinue the Civic Natural Gas and hybrid models at the end of the 2015 model year. The Honda Civic GX (Later called the Civic Natural Gas) was first introduced to select markets in the U.S. in 1998, and Honda has promoted the use of CNG-powered vehicles for many years. However, despite this commitment, Honda said consumer demand remains a challenge.

Production was completed in April, and Honda says it has more than 250 vehicles in dealer inventory. Honda will continue to provide maintenance service to Civic Natural Gas owners through their dealer network. Honda says there are nearly 19,000 CNG-powered Civics on the road today.

“The natural gas vehicle market has grown tremendously since the introduction of the Civic Natural Gas more than 15 years ago,” said Matthew Godlewski, NGVAmerica President. “We’ll miss the Civic, but as more businesses increasingly adopt clean-burning natural gas into their medium and heavy-duty fleets, the infrastructure development behind this growth will eventually support the broader expansion of the light-duty market.”