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Texas Natural Gas Sales Show 78 Percent Increase over FY 2014

Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter announced that Texas fleets are purchasing natural gas to fuel their vehicles in record numbers, according to new numbers from the state Comptroller’s office. Porter reported tax revenue from sales of CNG and LNG fuel totaled more than $3 million as of May 31 for FY 2015.

“Natural gas vehicles are becoming main stream faster than expected. These collections are nearly double the amount collected last year at this time,” Porter said. “At 15 cents per gallon equivalent, $3,033,600 of motor fuel tax equates to the sale of 20,224,000 gallon equivalents of natural gas.”

The figures reflect the growth in natural gas refueling infrastructure in Texas over the past year. The number of stations has increased by 30 percent, to 137, with an additional 44 stations coming on line in the next 12 to 18 months.

Commissioner Porter launched his Texas Natural Gas Initiative in 2013 to encourage the adoption of natural gas fuel in the transportation and exploration and production sectors.