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Pilot Program to Provide CNG Food Carts Across New York City

New York City Hall and MOVE Systems announced a new pilot to provide 500 advanced food carts to vendors throughout New York City neighborhoods that use compressed natural gas. ‎

The MRV100 vending vehicle included a restaurant-grade kitchen with refrigeration and a sustainable energy system that utilizes solar power, alternative fuel, and plug-in hybrid technology. The MRV100 incorporates a certified high-pressure CNG fuel tank.

The national environmental group Energy Vision today released a report assessing the impacts of New York City’s existing food cart fleet versus MOVE Systems new MRV100. According to the report, each MRV100 reduces climate change gases by 60 percent and smog-causing NOx pollution by 95 percent.

New York City has nearly 8,000 food carts and trucks operating on its streets resulting in an estimated 1.2 million daily mobile food transactions.  The typical food cart uses propane, a highly combustible fuel that has resulted in food truck and cart fires.

The average cost of a basic food cart is between $15, 000 to nearly $25,000.  MOVE Systems is providing the carts at no cost to the first 500 vendors who sign up to switch to the new model.

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