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Quantum and GAIN Fuels to Offer No Money Down Program for CNG Trucks

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide announced a supply and marketing alliance with GAIN Clean Fuel to package and offer CNG trucks through existing dealership relationships at the same purchase price as diesel trucks. This program is offered in conjunction with and financed by a CNG fuel contract provided by GAIN Clean Fuel where CNG fuel pricing can be fixed for up to five years. Both pricing options are designed to accelerate the pay-back period for fleets and truck operators desiring to switch from diesel to CNG.

The program would initially include a Quantum 123 DGE back-of-cab system on a Kenworth 680 CNG truck and a CNG fuel contract with GAIN Clean Fuel.  The program would provide fleets and truck operators with two options for paying the incremental cost related to a CNG truck.

The first option would allow fleets and truck operators to amortize the additional cost of the CNG fuel system and CNG truck cost into a long-term CNG fuel contract with GAIN Clean Fuel. The second option available to fleets and truck operators is special pricing to assist reducing the differential cost for the CNG components on the new truck. The customer would pay the incremental cost at the time of the vehicle purchase and instead purchase fuel from GAIN Clean Fuel at preferred pricing levels. In both cases, the customer can lock in a low CNG fuel price for up to five years.

The program will initially be offered in the following areas: Aurora, Colorado; Des Moines, Iowa; Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Kansas City, Missouri.  Additional locations will be announced later this summer.