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Landi Renzo Advanced Components Available in the U.S.

Landi Renzo USA has announced plans to release its most technologically advanced Electronic Pressure Regulator (EPR) for sale in the U.S. market. The EPRs have a number of advantages including the electronic control of optimal output pressure depending on specific engine and ambient conditions; improved reliability in cold conditions due to the elimination of all rubber part; extended range compared to a standard mechanical pressure regulator obtained by further sensing and compensating at low CNG storage pressure; and it comes in a compact single-stage design for improved vehicle packaging. The EPR has undergone extensive validation of OEM specifications.

Plans for a phased in approach to existing products will include introduction of the EPR on the 2016 Ford F-450 and 550 6.8L V10 models. Introduction to additional platforms will follow.

A webinar will be scheduled at a later date for a comprehensive overview of the EPR’s features and benefits. The new regulator is planned to be available October 2015. For more information about Landi Renzo, visit their website at or call 310.257.9481 to speak with a representative.