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TruStar Energy to Install 15 UPS CNG Fueling Stations throughout U.S.

TruStar Energy has been awarded contracts to install 15 high capacity fueling stations for UPS. The CNG fueling stations, which will be located across 11 states, will fuel over 2,000 vehicles once the recently announced 1,400 new natural gas vehicles are deployed. The UPS CNG fleet includes both Class 8 tractors and their familiar brown delivery trucks called “package cars.” Station construction has already begun in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and New Orleans, Louisiana.
“UPS operates one of the most recognizable fleets in the world and seeing the blue CNG diamond on the sides of their tractors makes a huge statement to other freight carriers throughout the country,” said TruStar Energy President Adam Comora.
These multi-lane, multi-compressor fueling stations will allow fast fueling of their Class 8 tractors and package cars, and in certain locations will also include time-fill fueling for Class 8 tractors when practical. The stations will feature ANGI Energy compression packages that utilize Ariel compressors.
In addition to the design and construction of the stations, TruStar Energy was contracted to provide service and maintenance for 13 of the 15 stations on an annual contract basis.