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Oregon Waste Hauler Selects McNeilus NGEN CNG Systems and Services

McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, an Oshkosh Corporation company, announced that Pride Disposal of Portland, Oregon, has selected the NGEN CNG system by McNeilus for its newest fleet of roll-off trucks.

“We’re a company that is always looking to the future, and we decided to start running some of our trucks on CNG primarily because of fuel cost and the savings CNG delivers,” said Pride Disposal Fleet Manager, Bill Woody.

McNeilus has more than 5,000 NGEN CNG vehicles on the road from coast to coast. McNeilus NGEN systems are now available on a wider range of vehicle types including construction, delivery, over-the-road, and other severe-duty fleets. NGEN CNG Systems and Services are available new vehicles and retrofits through the company’s national network of regional installation centers.

McNeilus NGEN CNG-powered trucks use an exclusive fuel management module that reduces the number of fittings and increases reliability, while the fuel storage pods feature lightweight DOT Type 4 tanks.

Pride Disposal was one of the first haulers in its region to fully automate solid waste collection. The company owns and maintains a fleet of 40 trucks, and began shifting to CNG in 2010. “Cleaner engines and exhaust systems, and reduced maintenance needs are other benefits we experience with the shift to CNG,” said Woody.