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Stabilis Energy LNG Plant Officially Opens in Southern Texas

On Tuesday, Stabilis Energy announced the grand opening of its LNG production facility in George West, Texas. The 100,000 LNG gallon per day facility is strategically located in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale to provide fuel for high horsepower engines used in the oilfield, as well as transportation, mining, rail, marine, asphalt and other industrial sectors. “We offer a reliable source of LNG fuel for customers in the Eagle Ford shale and throughout Texas,” said Casey Crenshaw, CEO of Stabilis Energy.

In addition to producing LNG fuel, Stabilis provides turnkey LNG fueling services including transportation and logistics, cryogenic equipment rental, and field service support. The Stabilis George West facility is a dedicated LNG production facility that is open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. LNG fuel can be sold either wholesale at the plant tailgate or retail through Stabilis’ delivery service. The facility features two truck loading racks that can load two transport trailers simultaneously in less than an hour. Certified scales are provided at the truck racks. The facility has approximately 270,000 gallons of storage capacity. For more information, contact Steve Stump at 866.564.3835.