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Pennsylvania Fuel Provider Partners with U.S. Gain to Add CNG Pumps

On Tuesday, Rhoads Energy, a Pennsylvania-based fuel provider, announced plans to install two CNG pumps at its Fredericksburg Pacific Pride fueling station — the first CNG pumps in Lebanon County and among the first in the Central Pennsylvania. For the pump installation, Rhoads Energy partnered with U.S. Gain, U.S. Venture’s new division for the GAIN Clean Fuel brand of CNG stations. The partners selected the Fredericksburg Pacific Pride station, one of four owned and operated by Rhoads Energy, because of its easy access from nearby I-78. In the coming weeks, U.S. Gain will complete the addition of two high-flow CNG dispensers to the site, which will continue to offer diesel and gasoline fueling. According to U.S. Gain estimates, the new fast-fill CNG pumps will quickly ramp up to 100 fuelings per day.