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New LNG Onshore Tank Technology Included in Canadian Standards

On Friday, GTT, a designer of membrane containment systems for the maritime transportation and storage of LNG, has announced that the new release of the Canadian Standard for LNG Production, Storage and Handling now includes and recognizes the membrane tank system as a possible technology for the land storage of LNG in Canada. The membrane containment system technology has been integrated into the newly published Canadian Standard CSA Z276 2015 edition. This request initiated originally from the LNG community, in order to meet the challenges of LNG export projects in remote locations. The inclusion of the membrane containment tank language took more than two years, in order to follow the rigorous CSA process, including public review. The language takes into account the latest international tank design standards, such as API 625, API 620 and ACI 376, as well as EN 14620. The new edition of CSA Z276 follows the action of British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission (BCOGC), which officially included membrane tank technology in its recent LNG regulation issued July 21, 2014 ( With the new edition of the CSA Z276 standard, the membrane tank technology is now addressed not only in British Columbia but for other Canadian provinces.