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Galileo Technologies Virtual Pipeline to Supply New York Fleets

Galileo Technologies recently announced that a Virtual Pipeline mobile CNG refueling station will supply fleets in New York. The Virtual Pipeline system was designed by Galileo Technologies to transport natural gas by road where there are no pipelines available. Mobile Fuel Solutions (MFS), a New York company specializing in the supply of fuel, is preparing to set up the first of two Virtual Pipeline systems to fuel up two large fleets, one that transports goods and the other one offering public services, both at refueling facilities and on the road. “Through the Virtual Pipeline technology, we want to broaden the scope of the current natural gas infrastructure,” Dean Sloane, CEO of MFS, stated. “The first refueling unit provided by Galileo Technologies will be in operation by early February.”

The mobile platform of this Virtual Pipeline uses a VST-2 trailer, equipped with two MAT containers. The first one transports 28 horizontal cylinders of CNG and 297 GGE, and the second one transports 39 cylinders and 418 GGE. MFS is planning to add a second VST-2 trailer by the end of the first quarter of 2015, and it foresees demand that could require up to four MATs per trailer. Another service alternative that the company is assessing is to install VST trailers or MAT-B containers permanently where consumers require greater fuel demand.