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CSA Group Seeks Experts to Develop CNG Storage and Delivery Standards

CSA Group, an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited Standard Developing Organization (SDO), is seeking technical experts to help develop standards for CNG Fuel Storage and Delivery Systems. The standards committees that are seeking new members are as follows:

NGV 6.1 Standard for CNG Vehicle / subsystem (NEW committee)
This standard applies to the design, installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance of the fuel storage and delivery system installed in on road vehicles for use with CNG. This includes fuel systems on self-propelled vehicles for the provision of motive power. This does not apply to stationary engines, mobile equipment using natural gas as a fuel for other than propulsion, or electronic components or controls strategy of a fuel management system.

NGV 4.3 Standard for CNG Temperature Compensation (NEW committee)
This standard establishes the test method, criteria and apparatus to evaluate a CNG dispenser as it relates to filling a vehicle storage system.

NGV 4.1 Standard for NGV Dispensing Systems
This standard applies to:

• The mechanical and electrical features of newly manufactured systems that dispense natural gas for vehicles where such a system is intended primarily to dispense the fuel directly into the fuel storage container of the vehicle;
• NGV dispensers contained in a single housing; and
• NGV dispensers contained in multiple housings for metering and registering devices, remote electronics, remote overfill protection, hoses and nozzles.

If you have the technical background in any of the areas noted above and are interested in being a part of the standards development committees working on these projects, please contact Julie Cairns at