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PG&E Sells Three Million GGEs of Natural Gas in 2014

On Thursday, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced that its CNG fueling stations provided three million GGEs to thousands of customers in 2014. The use of these vehicles resulted in a substantial reduction of carbon emissions. Across 70,000 square-miles in Northern and Central California, PG&E owns and operates 24 publicly-accessible CNG vehicle fueling stations. These stations provide fuel to more than 16,000 vehicles, broken down as follows:

• 2,000 buses and garbage trucks;
• 7,600 vans and work trucks; and
• 6,400 passenger vehicles.

The company’s NGV customer base is diverse—CNG vehicles served by PG&E include passenger cars and trucks owned by individual customers, taxi cabs, local community transportation system buses, school buses, city and county car and truck fleets, and PG&E’s own 710 passenger cars and construction trucks. For more information, call 415.973.5930 or visit