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Arkansas Reopens $1.3 Million Gaseous Fuels Rebate Program

On Monday, the Arkansas Energy Office (AEO), a division of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, announced it is reopening the Gaseous Fuels Rebate Program with a total of $1,315,000 in rebates.

The Gaseous Fuels Rebate Program has four objectives:

• To develop the refueling infrastructure for various alternative fuels
• Provide an incentive for the purchase of clean alternative fuel vehicles
• Provide an incentive for the conversion of vehicles to a clean alternative fuel using certified or approved conversion systems
• Reduce emissions from motor vehicles and improve air quality in our communities

Approximately $1.2 million in rebates will be administered for new refueling stations or the retrofitting of existing refueling stations in Arkansas that provide public access to CNG, LNG, and propane. Up to three rebates will be offered to stations located in areas with a high population density that are accessible to the public.

The AEO also announced a total of $115,000 in rebates will be awarded through its Clean Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program, also part of the Gaseous Fuels Rebate Program. The Clean Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program applies to fleet operators as well as residents in Arkansas for the conversion to CNG or propane, or the purchase of a CNG or propane fleet. The rebate amount is dependent upon the cost of conversion or incremental cost of the vehicle and allows for a rebate equivalent to the lesser of 50 percent of the conversion/incremental cost or $4,500 per vehicle. It is estimated that about 25 vehicles will be eligible for the rebates. The rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on the AEO’s CNG programs or for an application, visit or call 800.558.4567.