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NGVAmerica Monitoring and Improving Infrastructure Reporting

December marks the sixth month that NGVAmerica has created and distributed its U.S. Infrastructure Report derived from information collected by the U.S. DOE EERE Alternative Fuel Data Center (AFDC). Prior to NGVAmerica, Encana Natural Gas had been responsible for this project since 2010. This analysis is available only to membership and is located in the Members section on NGVAmerica’s website. The report, provided in an Excel spreadsheet, repackages large amounts of CNG and LNG station data into manageable graphs, charts and tables based on uploaded monthly updates provided to the government. The report organizes fueling infrastructure data by state, private/public access and notes active, future-planned and non-active/decommissioned properties. Last month, as an extension to this analysis, NGVAmerica launched a U.S. station mapping tool that visually displays the nation’s natural gas stations and highlights the vehicle ranges supported by existing and planned stations in 100, 400 and 600 mile increments. This NGVAmerica Station Analysis Map, which is updated monthly, also details station accessibility and contact information and is available to the public so that both fleet operators and consumers can take advantage of the tool to make route and travel planning easy.

NGVAmerica staff are working on improving the accuracy of this data, and station count reporting has increased as a result of these efforts. NGVAmerica encourages membership responsible for infrastructure development to report all existing and planned stations here. The Infrastructure Report is available to members here, and the Station Mapping Tool is available here.