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Atlanta Gas Light Opens Third CNG Station through Development Program

On Wednesday, Atlanta Gas Light announced that CNG is now available for sale to the public at Flint River Fuel Center in Oglethorpe, Georgia. This is the third CNG station to open under a special program approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission to stimulate investments in clean energy. The station will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is designed to accommodate both light and heavy duty vehicles. The station is located near Georgia Highways 26 and 49. Two CNG stations developed under the program are also operational and located in Valdosta and Forest Park, Georgia. Four more stations are in various stages of development under the Atlanta Gas Light CNG program and will be located in Savannah, Decatur and Atlanta (2).

In November 2011, the Georgia Public Service Commission approved a plan submitted by Atlanta Gas Light to invest $11.57 million from the company’s Universal Service Fund to install natural gas compression and storage equipment at newly proposed CNG fueling stations. With seven stations under contract, the program successfully has deployed the majority of the authorized funding, but businesses interested in exploring other contract options are encouraged to contact Atlanta Gas Light for details. For home owners and small businesses, leasing a home refueling appliance may be an option. Atlanta Gas Light offers a lease program that includes installation and a monthly charge with a signed five-year commitment.