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Ryder Signs Agreement to Provide NGVs to Bulk Fuel Haulers

On Wednesday, Ryder announced that it has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Mansfield Clean Energy Partners, a joint venture founded by Mansfield Energy Corp., one of the nation’s largest providers of transportation fuel, and Clean Energy Fuels. With the alliance, Ryder and Mansfield will partner to offer a CNG vehicle and fuel solution to bulk fuel haulers, a segment of the transportation industry that consumes over 500 million gallons of fuel annually. The solution includes truck leasing and maintenance services for NGVs from Ryder, and CNG fueling from Mansfield. The companies have worked collaboratively with tractor and engine manufacturers to develop an optimized CNG vehicle design specifically for bulk fuel hauling applications. Mansfield has also leased 12 heavy duty CNG vehicles from Ryder, the first of their kind in Mansfield’s fleet. The fleet will be used to haul diesel and gasoline for Mansfield customers, and will be serviced out of Ryder’s maintenance facility in Atlanta, Georgia.