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Nopetro to Construct Public CNG Station in Florida

On Tuesday, the St. Johns County Board of Commissioners approved the construction of a new CNG station in St. Johns County, Florida. The County has partnered with Nopetro to construct and maintain a CNG station that will support the County’s transition to natural gas and that will also be open to the public. The new station, which will be located near the I-95 corridor in northeast Florida, will be available for use by local municipalities and companies transitioning to natural gas. Under the agreement, Nopetro will fund the $2 million station construction and the County will commit to using at least 200,000 GGE of CNG a year. Nopetro will also benefit from third-party fuel sales. The County sought a $732,000 grant from the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) to assist transition its fleet to natural gas. The TPO said it wanted to invest in CNG because it reduces petroleum consumption, reduces reliance on foreign oil, reduces emissions, and has proven to be a smart business decision. The station is planned to be operational by the end of 2015.