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Roehl Transport Opens Large GAIN CNG Station in Chicago

On Thursday, GAIN Clean Fuel announced that Roehl Transport opened a large CNG station as part of a $7.2 million renovation of its flagship Chicago Area Terminal. Roehl partnered with U.S. Oil and H.M.D. Trucking to install the GAIN station adjacent to the terminal, located along Interstates 80 and 90 in Gary, Indiana, an important east-west freight carrier route in the Midwest. With space for eight CNG dispensers, the location is open for use by other companies and the general public, and is one of the largest CNG stations in the Midwest. Roehl currently runs several CNG trucks in the Midwest. The renovations included creating additional maintenance capacity, training resources, operational support and expanded driver services. “We have a fleet of over 2,000 trucks, and more than half of them will pass through this terminal each week,” said Roehl Transport CEO Rick Roehl.