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TruStar Energy to Design and Construct CNG Station in Washington

On Tuesday, TruStar Energy announced the contract award for the design and construction of a time-fill CNG fuel station for the City of Tacoma, Washington. The city has plans to eventually migrate up to 80 vehicles to CNG as part of a larger strategy to reduce emissions and cut fuel costs. The City currently has one front load truck on order, and plans to order long haul trucks, roll-off chassis and rear loading trucks in the next year. TruStar Energy will deliver a portable fueling station (PFS) that provides 100 DGE per hour to fuel the City’s trucks. In addition, 24 dedicated twin-hose time-fill posts and associated equipment will be installed at the site to allow for fueling. The PFS is mounted to a mobile platform that can be lifted into place at a customer’s location with minimal preparation. Because of its portability, the station can be moved to a secondary location once the fleet grows beyond the fueling capacity of the PFS. The city expects to take delivery of the first vehicles near the end of the year and are anticipating the TruStar PFS Elite 225 will be dispensing fuel sometime in first quarter of 2015.