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Intrepid Powerboats Offers First Factory-Built Bi-Fuel Yacht

Intrepid Powerboats, a semi-custom powerboat builder, is now offering the first factory produced dedicated and bi-fuel yachts featuring a natural gas fuel system from Blue Gas Marine. The new bi-fuel Intrepid 327 center console boat will be on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show in October. The Blue Gas Marine natural gas hybrid fuel system is designed to be installed on existing or new outboards, inboards and generator engines and can use both CNG and LNG. The company markets its hybrid fuel-systems and natural gas fuel to frequent boat operators such as commercial fishermen, charter boats, ferries, tugs, large ships, the military and recreational users. For most frequent boaters, the fuel savings cover the cost of the fuel system in under one year. Blue Gas Marine is developing a network to distribute the natural gas fuel to boaters ensuring the fuel is readily available to those making the change. Natural gas is an option for boaters trying to avoid gasoline with ethanol, now that most gasoline blends have at least 10 percent ethanol added, which is detrimental to marine engines. Natural gas will also help boaters and the marine industry in general by meeting and exceeding the regulatory requirements of upcoming emissions law, for certain displacement-size engines ahead of the stringent regulations coming into effect in 2015 and 2016.