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Clean Energy and Mansfield Energy Form JV to Serve Bulk Fuel Haulers

On Tuesday, Clean Energy and Mansfield Energy announced the formation of Mansfield Clean Energy Partners (MCEP), a joint venture that will provide natural gas fueling solutions to bulk fuel haulers in the U.S., a segment that consumes over three billion gallons of fuel every year. Ira Pearl, a veteran of the natural gas industry, will lead the MCEP team. MCEP’s first customer will be Mansfield Oil Company, one of the nation’s largest providers of transportation fuel, which has deployed the first of its recently-purchased 12 heavy duty CNG trucks to haul diesel and gasoline for its customers. This fleet of CNG trucks will fuel at a new card-lock natural gas station in Atlanta, Georgia, available to fleets throughout the region. The station, which was built by Clean Energy, is expected to open by this November. A second natural gas fueling station in Tampa, Florida, which will support additional Mansfield CNG trucks as well as other regional and national bulk fuel haulers, is expected to open in early 2015. MCEP is in advanced discussions with several bulk fuel trucking companies. To support these potential customers’ heavy duty natural gas trucks, MCEP will develop new public-access natural gas fueling stations throughout the U.S. in addition to those in Atlanta and Tampa.