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Critical Issues Workshop on CNG and LNG Safety Being Held Next Month

Clean Fuels Consulting will hold the latest in the series of Critical Issues Workshops, CNG & LNG SAFETY: PERCEPTION & REALITY, Oct. 8th–9th in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop will explore the most crucial technology and safety issues facing NGVs today for over-the-road vehicles, marine, rail and fuelling station technology. The complete “value chain” for both CNG and LNG vehicle technologies will be assessed from the perspective of safety. Fuel storage components and systems for both CNG and LNG will receive special attention. Safety concerns about CNG, LNG and LCNG fueling stations (including mobile fuel transport and fuelling systems) will be discussed. The critical “human factor” and the need for training will also be explored. As is the tradition with these Critical Issues Workshops, the final open panel session will bring together the findings and conclusions identified throughout the workshop so that, between the speakers and audience, all participants can look analytically and strategically at the short, medium and long term pathways that must be taken to ensure the highest level of safety for NGVs.