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Virginia Recycler to Convert Mack E7 Engines to Natural Gas

Omnitek Engineering Corporation announced it has received an initial order for EPA- approved diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion kits for the 12L Mack E7 engine from TFC Recycling, based in Chesapeake, Virginia. This initial order is part of TFC Recycling’s goal to convert its entire fleet of more than 100 vehicles to operate on natural gas. Omnitek appointed TFC Recycling in June 2013 as an authorized installation center for its diesel-to- natural gas engine conversion systems in the region. “The conversion of its own fleet to operate on natural gas provides a ‘working showroom’ for potential trucking fleet customers in the region who are interested in transitioning from diesel to natural gas,” said Werner Funk, president and CEO of Omnitek. The “drop-in” engines are delivered to TFC through Reviva, a diesel engine remanufacturer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Omnitek expects to obtain EPA and CARB approval for additional diesel engine models to accommodate trucking fleets that operate with other diesel engine models.