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TruStar Energy Announces Awards to Build Two CNG Stations

TruStar Energy announced the awarding of a contract to design and build a large time-fill fueling station for All Waste, a refuse hauler based in Hartford, Connecticut. All Waste currently has 14 dedicated CNG garbage trucks with another 10 on order, and intends to convert 60 trucks within a five-year period. They will be halfway to that goal by July of 2015. “All Waste has been involved with CNG for about 18 months and several fleets in the area have since become involved in the CNG movement,” said Scott Edelbach, Vice President of Sales for TruStar Energy. All Waste’s time-fill station consists of a single 200 horsepower compressor and 60 time-fill fueling posts. In addition, resources for a second compressor have been installed to allow for quick expansion sometime in 2015. The station should be operational by the end of 2014.

TruStar Energy, in conjunction with Energy Systems Group, also announced a contract to design a large transit fast-fill CNG station for Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation (CityBus). Located in Lafayette, Indiana, CityBus pursues sustainable operational practices and is now taking advantage of CNG as an alternative fuel. CityBus partnered with ESG, a energy services provider for government, education, healthcare, commercial and industrial entities, to design and build a CNG fueling station at their Lafayette operations center. ESG and TruStar Energy are working together on CNG station projects. CityBus will initially purchase 11 new CNG buses, six of which are 40-foot standards and five are smaller CNG transit buses that will be added via an Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) grant. Buses will be replaced on an annual basis to gradually convert the 73 bus fleet. CityBus’ fast-fill CNG fuel station will begin construction this year and the station will be operating by March 2015.