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Texas Agency Modifies Proposal in Response to NGVAmerica Comments

Last month, the Texas Department of Public Safety reissued a proposal concerning safety inspections for NGVs. The latest proposal incorporates recommendations submitted by NGVAmerica in May. Under the proposed rules, NGV owners will have to provide proof that their cylinders comply with federal motor vehicles safety standards and have not exceeded their useful life. The new requirements were authorized in legislation (HB 2035) enacted last year. Under the initial proposal, the only way NGV owners could demonstrate compliance was to obtain written proof from a certified inspector or installer. This proof would have to have been presented to the persons conducting the state safety inspection. We offered comments urging regulators to recognize that the sought after information could be obtained without obtaining a written report from an inspector or installer. In some instances (or most instances), the information can be obtained simply by looking at labels already found on the vehicles. Moreover, a separate inspection by a certified inspector or installer should not be necessary if the OEM or aftermarket conversion company has already provided written verification to the customer.

The August 18th proposal reflects our suggestions. Persons wishing to submit comments on the latest proposal must submit them within 30 days of publication. Comments on this proposal may be submitted to Steve Moninger, Office of Regulatory Counsel, Regulatory Services Division, Department of Public Safety, P.O. Box 4087, MSC-0246, Austin, Texas 78752-0246, 512.424.5842.