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New Wisconsin Coalition to Support NGVs/Station Development

A group of Wisconsin businesses and associations have formed a new coalition, Wisconsin Wins With Natural Gas Vehicles, to support expanding the opportunities for the people and businesses of Wisconsin to use more NGVs. This will help the state achieve its goal of implementing cost-effective, reliable, balanced and environmentally responsible clean energy projects. Wisconsin Wins with Natural Gas Vehicles includes nine founding members: Alliant Energy, Kwik Trip, Madison Gas and Electric, Trillium CNG, U.S. Venture, the Wisconsin Beer Distributors Association, the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association, Wisconsin Public Service and Xcel Energy. Wisconsin had almost 5,000 NGVs registered in the state in 2013, and 42 public refueling locations. “Our members are excited about the potential for using natural gas in their vehicles, says Tom Howells, president of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association in Madison. “The cost savings as well as the reduced emissions provides a win- win opportunity.” Membership in Wisconsin Wins With Natural Gas Vehicles is open to businesses and organizations that share the coalition’s mission of helping the state achieve its alternative fuel goals by recommending programs that will help grow the emerging market for NGVs.