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Potential Energy Conservation Standards for Natural Gas Compressors

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) issued a notice soliciting comments on potential energy conservation standards for commercial and industrial natural gas compressors. Current efficiency requirements for compressors only cover compressors intended to compress air, according to the DOE notice. To facilitate its understanding and potentially pave the way for future regulations, DOE is soliciting comments on “the characteristics and energy use of [natural gas] equipment.” The notice refers to natural gas compressors used in transporting natural gas to market as well as those used in the production and processing of natural gas. The notice makes no mention of compressors used at natural gas fueling stations. However, the section of the notice that calls attention to the information DOE would like to receive includes the following statement: “DOE seeks comment on other major applications (e.g., injection, withdrawal, lifting, or filling) in which gas compressors are used.” The new effort appears related to last week’s announcement regarding efforts to improve the efficiency of the natural gas transportation system in an effort to reduce methane emissions and greenhouse gas emissions.

The full notice is available at: Comments may be submitted up until September 4, 2014.