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Arkansas Utility Opens Second Public CNG Station

On Thursday, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation (AOG) open its second public CNG fueling station near Fort Smith, Arkansas. AOG hosted a grand opening ceremony on Thursday, with guests including state and local government officials, as well as business leaders from the Fort Smith area. AOG has operated a private CNG station to fuel its fleet of vehicles in Fort Smith since 1982. Today, AOG operates 68 CNG vehicles and is committed to continuing the expansion of its CNG fleet. A number of local businesses and consumers also operate CNG vehicles in the area. “AOG sold over 10,000 gasoline gallon equivalent (GGEs) of CNG to the public during the past month,” said Mike Callan, President of AOG. “CNG sales to the public produced over $15,000 in fuel savings for the month.” According to Eddie Fox, Vice President of Customer Development with AOG, “Public demand for compressed natural gas has grown so much in AOG’s service area this second CNG station in Fort Smith became a necessity. The addition of the new station will nearly triple the current fueling capacity in Fort Smith. AOG continues to aggressively promote CNG use in local fleets as well as the private sector in the Fort Smith area.” AOG is being supported in its CNG efforts by local Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge dealerships who have new NGV options on their lots or available for order.

With the addition of AOG’s second CNG station, there are now eight public CNG stations operating in Arkansas. Additional stations are currently in the planning stages in Northwest Arkansas, West Memphis and Texarkana, as well as one in Poteau, Oklahoma.