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Luxfer Delivers New G-Stor Go Type 4 CNG Cylinders

On Thursday, Luxfer Gas Cylinders announced the first delivery of its new G-Stor Go Type 4 CNG cylinders. The initial sale was to Heartland Energy Options, an Oklahoma-based company that specializes in converting vehicles to run on natural gas. The company operates facilities in Oklahoma City and Elk City, and Ford Motor Company recently certified Heartland as a qualified vehicle modifier (QVM). Heartland is converting Ford F-Series full- size pickup trucks to bi-fuel vehicles with 22-inch diameter G-Stor Go cylinders. Luxfer introduced the new line of cylinders at the ACT Expo in May and is in the process of expanding its Type 4 product line to include cylinders up to 26 inches in diameter in a variety of lengths, including cylinders for Class 8 trucks. Luxfer is currently manufacturing Type 4 cylinders at its factory in Riverside, California. In the near future, the G-Stor Go product line will also be made at a recently acquired Type 4 facility in Brigham City, Utah.