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Canadian Government Funds New Natural Gas Facility

The Government of Canada will help fund the Stoney Compressed Natural Gas Bus Storage and Transit Facility in the City of Calgary, Alberta. The new facility will provide storage and maintenance space for the City’s new fleet of CNG buses as well as diesel buses that are currently stored outside of the city’s other bus garages. The facility will be capable of housing up to 400 CNG buses, including indoor vehicle storage, 40 maintenance bays, two steam bays, on-site fueling infrastructure and administrative facilities. The new facility will allow for the servicing of existing diesel buses until the CNG bus fleet is large enough to occupy the entire facility. The 30-month construction period is expected to begin in June 2016, and the facility opening is expected in November 2018. “Our Government is proud to see cities like Calgary adopting a modern and innovative approach to infrastructure
development,” said Devinder Shory, Member of Parliament for Calgary Northeast. “The Stoney Compressed Natural Gas Bus Maintenance Facility is a forward-thinking project that will provide long-term value for Calgarians.”