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Clean Energy Opens Stations to Support Trucking and Manufacturing

This week, Clean Energy made announcements about multiple station openings.

Clean Energy will open its Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Winslow, Arizona, America’s Natural Gas Highway (LNG) stations to support Seaboard Transport’s operations. Under the fueling agreement, Seaboard Transport will also fuel at Clean Energy’s public natural gas station network in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Virginia. The fleet will haul food goods for Seaboard Foods to customers and ports throughout the U.S. Once fully-deployed, the fleet is forecasted to consume approximately 892,000 DGE annually. “Our first CNG-powered truck recently crossed into California originating from our Oklahoma processing plant,” said Gary Ruettgers, Seaboard Transport operations manager. “Now we have a gateway to the West for our CNG fleet.”

Clean Energy also has opened a first-of-its-kind station in Pembroke, New Hampshire. As previously announced, NG Advantage and Clean Energy signed a 10-year fueling agreement to help expand NG Advantage’s reach to American manufacturers and other large institutions who do not have access to the nation’s natural gas pipeline. The CNG will be delivered to NG Advantage customers by a “virtual pipeline” consisting of a fleet of tractor trailers. The station is expected to provide a minimum of 10 million GGE of CNG per year to NG Advantage and fleet vehicles fueling at the station. The volume of CNG supplied by this station is forecasted to be approximately double the CNG fuel volume currently supplied by Clean Energy’s highest-volume CNG station.