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World Ports Climate Initiative Launches LNG Marine Website

The Worlds Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI) recently launched an independent, non- commercial website that was an initiative of the LNG Fuelled Vessels workgroup. The workgroup is chaired by the port of Antwerp, with the ports of Amsterdam, Bremen/Bremerhaven, Brunsbüttel, Fujairah, Gijón, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Le Havre, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Wilhelmshaven and Zeebrugge. The website was set up under the International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH), and it was designed to offer detailed information on the use of LNG as a marine fuel, the technical conditions for ships, bunkering facilities, LNG carrier ships and how to draw up a business case. The WPCI seeks to reach port authorities, fuel suppliers and shipping companies that are considering switching to LNG as a ship’s fuel. The LNG workgroup has developed clear LNG bunker checklists for the known methods of LNG bunkering, including ship-to-ship, shore-to-ship and truck-to-ship, covering the additional requirements for ports that wish to offer LNG bunkering facilities. Thanks to these harmonized checklists, shipping companies that call at several ports will no longer be faced with different rules and regulations for bunkering in each port. To visit the website, go to