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TruStar Celebrates CNG Station Opening for Washington Refuse Hauler

On Friday, TruStar Energy announced the grand opening of a new time-fill CNG fueling station for Basin Disposal, located in Pasco, Washington. The new station, a TruStar Energy PFS Elite 150 portable fuel system, was installed to fuel Basin Disposal’s current CNG fleet of four garbage trucks. Basin Disposal’s President Darrick Dietrich says that is just the beginning. “We currently have four CNG-powered trucks in our fleet and two pickup trucks that have been converted to run on CNG, but plan to add an additional five next year,” said Dietrich. “We’re speeding up our normal replacement schedule to increase our return on investment.” Dietrich said that converting his fleet is the first phase of a multistep plan that converts Basin Disposal’s fleet while also offering public fueling for other fleets migrating away from diesel. The PFS Elite 150 is TruStar Energy’s newest edition to their portable product line and meets the needs of smaller fleet owners or those that have fleets distributed between several locations that each need natural gas fueling.