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EPA Approves 8.8L Gaseous Fuel Engine for Highway

On Thursday, Power Solutions International (PSI) announced that the U.S. EPA approved the company’s new 8.8L natural gas engine for highway uses. The alternative fuel motor will be offered on a range of medium-duty commercial trucks and buses. The liquid- injected engine, which can run on natural gas and propane, is designed to mimic diesel behavior, with its peak output of 270 HP coming at 2,600 rpm and all 565 lb-ft of torque available at just 1,500 rpm. The engine is compatible with SAE 2 and 3 transmission interfaces, which gives manufacturers many drivetrain possibilities. All PSI 8.8-liters come standard with an electronically-controlled viscous fan clutch, integrated 320-amp alternator, pad-mounted air conditioning compressor, and eight-groove belts. PSI partnered with Delphi to handle the advanced controls and Ricardo to test, validate and certify the powerplant. For more information, go to: