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NGI Continues Development of Home Refueling Unit

On Wednesday, New Gas Industries (NGI) announced it has begun the next phase of development of its Home Refueling Apparatus (HRA). The NGI HRA has been undergoing testing and process validation at Gas Technology Institute (GTI) since 2013. Testing has been funded by GTI’s Utilization Technology Development, NFP (a collaboration of natural gas local distribution companies at the forefront of research, development, and deployment for end-use equipment and appliances) to help identify near- term opportunities to introduce a natural gas home refueling appliance into the North American marketplace. Testing of the unit has validated that it can deliver up to 80 GGE per week in a home using a 1 HP compressor that runs on a standard power supply of 110 volts. NGI plans to bring the HRA to market in 2015 and plans to scale up the technology to create a solution for small fleets with 5 to 15 vehicles. For more information, contact Harry Bruns at or 501.529.7905.