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TruStar Energy Opens Public CNG Station for Indiana Municipality

On Wednesday, TruStar Energy and the Muncie Sanitary District (MSD) announced the grand opening of their first large public fast-fill CNG station. The public station will serve 10 MSD vehicles—seven garbage trucks and three grapple trucks. “CNG represented a substantial cost savings to us when compared to diesel fuel,” said Muncie Sanitary District Administrator Nikki Grigsby, adding, “Given that these trucks run five days per week and the cost of CNG is roughly half that of diesel, the fuel savings is substantial.” The station features two fast-fill fueling dispensers that are also open to the public. TruStar Energy began building private “behind the fence” fueling stations in 2008, but has expanded their product offerings to include public/private station builds along with fuel supply contracts and TruStar Energy-owned stations for customers that are not interested in station ownership. For more information, contact Jeffry Swertfeger at 813.957.1846.