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Pennsylvania Utility Deploys 24 Honda Civic Natural Gas Cars

On Wednesday, Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), along with PA DEP Secretary E. Christopher Abruzzo, introduced its new fleet of 24 Honda Civic Natural Gas cars at an event that was attended by industry advocated and others interested in developing Philadelphia’s NGV market. As a natural gas distributor and a fleet operator, PGW says it is committed to supporting the introduction of natural gas technologies that benefit customers and the city. “I would like to congratulate PGW for making this decision to use compressed natural gas, a fuel that is helping to put Pennsylvania and this country on a path to energy independence,” said Abruzzo. In 2013, the DEP awarded $10 million in grants through its Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) program. PGW received $240,000 from the AFIG program.