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NGVAmerica Participates in IMW-Hosted Webinar on Facility Modifications

On Wednesday, NGVAmerica participated in an IMW-hosted webinar addressing maintenance facility modification requirements to accommodate work on CNG and/or LNG vehicles. After brief introductory remarks by IMW Senior V.P. of Business Development David Orton, Stephe Yborra presented the 45-minute core curriculum, which was based on Clean Vehicle Education Foundation President Doug Horne’ s authoritative document on the topic, Guidance for Determining Modifications Required for Adding CNG or LNG Vehicles to Existing Maintenance Facilities. Following the PowerPoint, which is available to NGVAmerica members in the access-controlled Members Center section of our website, Stephe was joined by Rick Mendoza, Director of Facility Modification Services for Clean Energy Fuels, who provided additional insights from his own experience managing modification projects around the country. IMW’s hour-long monthly webinars are open to anyone and cover a variety of topics. Next up in their series is a session on “Renewable Biogas 101” (July 24) presented by Nicholas Lumpkin, Director of Business Development, Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, and a session addressing NGV market development opportunities in Canada presented by Alicia Milner, President of the Canadian NGV Alliance (September 19).