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Energtek Introduces Adsorption Technology for Mobile Applications

On Thursday, Energtek, a hi-tech natural gas solutions and adsorbed natural gas (ANG) technology company, announced that it has developed a second generation of its Hyboost devices. Energtek’s “EN-Hyboost” is a compact and inexpensive device for transferring natural gas from one high pressure vessel (200-250 bars, or 3,000 psi) into other high- pressure vessels (200-250 bars, or 3,000 psi), without the use of conventional compressors. The new line enables Energtek’s mobile natural gas transportation system to cover more distance and service more end-users in the same trip, which will save costs. “It is now possible to employ the Hyboost with mobile daughter CNG stations based on any surface vehicles (road trailer, semi-trailer, trucks, railroad trains, ships, etc), carrying the gas to natural gas vehicles or daughter stations,” said Professor Yuri Ginzburg, Energtek’s Chief Technical Officer. For more information, visit