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This week, NGVAmerica presented the environmental and operational advantages of NGVs at the Associated General Contractor’s (AGC) annual Contractors Environmental Conference in Arlington, Virginia. AGC is the national trade association of general contracting firms large and small which manage the full gamut of construction projects from factories to office buildings to roadways and other public works projects. This week’s event was attended by owners and environmental officers responsible for compliance with state and federal regulations covering construction waste management and disposal, wetland and waterway protection, and mobile and stationary emissions. Stephe Yborra participated on a panel that also included an EPA OTAQ official who briefed attendees on RFS2 regulations and the potential impact on available fuels, and a Pittsburgh-based general contractor who has deployed NGVs in his fleet and constructed his own public-access CNG station. Stephe provided a summary of NGV market growth and trends, our emissions and environmental advantages, available vehicles for construction applications (e.g., dump trucks, concrete mixers, supervisor vehicles), and EPA regulations covering vehicle/engine modification certification and/or approval. Of particular interest were existing and proposed federal regulations covering construction equipment emissions and the availability of natural gas repower and retrofit options.