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This week, NGVAmerica again went out to all its members urging them to let the National Conference of Weights and Measures (NCWM) know that they support the proposed diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) standard. The proposed standard is scheduled for a July vote when the NCWM meets in Detroit, Michigan, for its Annual Meeting. NGVAmerica is urging members to contact their state officials and also to submit supporting comments to NCWM. Details and information on how to contact officials and submit comments have been provided. NGVAmerica also has prepared extensive comments on this issue and will be submitting them in the next week. Copies of the comments and a shorter version that members can use as a template for their own comments have been prepared.

We are asking all members and supporters to:

1. File Comments with NCWM;
2. Contact your state regulatory officials to urge them to support the DGE proposal and to vote for it in July;
3. Have someone from your company attend the Annual Meeting in July and voice support during the Open Session Hearings (NCWM’s S&T and L&R Committees have jurisdiction over this issue and they plan to hold a joint hearing on July 14); and
4. Let us know if you plan to attend the Annual Meeting.

We are coming down to the wire now as there are only five more weeks until the NCWM meeting. The NCWM agenda and materials relating to this issue and upcoming meeting are available at Contact information for state weights and measures officials is located at