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In recognition of its full-scale alternative fuel strategy, Saddle Creek Transportation has been named Green Fleet of the Year by Fleet Owner magazine. As the transportation arm of Saddle Creek Logistics Services, Saddle Creek Transportation operates the company’s CNG fleet and fueling station. Throughout the past year, Fleet Owner profiled 12 different fleets that are notable for their sustainability and environmental stewardship, including Saddle Creek. One of these fleets is selected for the Green Fleet of the Year award. “Saddle Creek is so far advanced in its approach to adopting an alternative fuel strategy that it was the clear choice for the award,” said Jim Mele, Fleet Owner editor-in-chief. “The breadth of their program is just so wide. They’ve made a real commitment to sustainability.”

Saddle Creek’s for-hire fleet includes more than 100 tractors which run on. The trucks, which are based at the company’s headquarter campus in Lakeland, Florida, support customers’ local and regional delivery needs throughout the Southeast. In the past year, the fleet has traveled more than 20 million miles on CNG, carrying a wide variety of products—from medical supplies to home paper products—and saving approximately a pound of carbon with every mile. “We’re proud to be recognized as the Green Fleet of the Year,” “We’re already seeing the benefit of our investment in a CNG fleet—for Saddle Creek, our customers, and the environment,” said Mike DelBovo, president of Saddle Creek Transportation. “We will continue to seek opportunities to raise awareness and increase usage of this viable, alternative fuel source.”

The Green Fleet of the Year award will be presented at the ACT Expo in Long Beach, California, May 7, 2014. Saddle Creek’s fleet is profiled in the April 2014 issue of Fleet Owner, which can be found at Of-The-Year.pdf.