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On Monday, Motive Power & Equipment Solutions (MP&ES), a leading provider of new and remanufactured locomotives, introduced the Greenville locomotive, a Gen Set locomotive powered by a combination of natural gas and diesel fuels. MP&ES has been evaluating technology options and developing system designs for natural gas locomotives for more than two years. MP&ES, with its technology partner OptiFuel Systems, is now conducting final power system testing and calibration along with full emissions certification. The company, which manufactures a line of locomotives under the MP designation, expects to begin taking orders on its Greenville TM MP1500 (1,500 HP) dual fuel locomotives later in 2014, with other models to follow. Recently, MP&ES was selected by the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company (IHB) as one of a limited number of qualified vendors being considered for the conversion of 31 locomotives to natural gas. For more information visit their website at or contact Marketing Manager Brian Byars at 864.422.1128 or